Renewable Power


How it works

Taking Energy Into The 21st Century Magnetic Energy Solutions Inc., is a new and innovative company working on the development of alternative energy sources. 
Our goal is to develop clean, reliable, and cost effective energy sources with no harmful emissions, hazardous materials, or harmful by-products. 

The ideal energy source will be used any time and any place with little cost, unlike solar and wind technologies. The global community has been told there is no easy solution to our energy crisis. 
However, here at Magnetic Energy Solutions we have what we think could be the answer to our energy problem. There is one environmentally safe, clean, and affordable solution, the Magnetic Energy Cone. Here at Magnetic Energy Solutions Inc. the inventors of the Magnetic Energy Cone have achieved many firsts in this new technology field. 

We are looking to pool together some of the brightest minds in the world to help make this project a reality in the 21st century. US Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application, Serial Number 13/735,639, Filed, published July 11,2013