Taking Energy Into The 21st Century

Magnetic Energy Solutions Inc., is a new and innovative company working on the development of alternative energy sources. Our goal is to develop clean, reliable, and cost effective energy sources with no harmful emissions, hazardous materials, or harmful by-products. The inventors of the Magnetic Energy Cone have acheived several firsts in this field of technology. We have the only design that is self-starting, self-adjusting power, and self-stopping. We have a perfectly balanced design that acheives a virtual zero drag so that it doesn't have to overcome the the problems that wheel designs run into such as equal push pull forces. This technology can be applied to every gas and diesel engine, power generator, and even work in space applications. So this is the only real answer for the world's energy future. We have no harmful emissions, no hazardous materials, and can be used any place, any time, unlike costly solar and wind technologies. We are looking to pool together some of the brightest minds in the world in this field; the only company solely dedicated to this future. We have stock available for the right partners. Must be able to open up a market for us in your part of the world.

US Non-Provisional Utility Patent Application Filed, published July 11, 2013